Since 2003, storytellers around the world have gathered on or around March 20 to celebrate World Storytelling Day.
Tellers and listeners gather in homes, libraries, schools, college auditoriums, at large conferences and more, to experience
and honor the ability of oral storytelling to bring people, no matter how different, together.  Some events have even
featured live storytelling across international boundaries by bringing in guest tellers with live phone or video hookups.

The idea originated in Scandinavia with an event, ALLE BERATTRES DAG (Everyone Tell a Story Day), occurring on March 21, and dating back to the early 90s. When an international internet dialogue of storytellers began in 2003,
March 20 was selected because a couple other countries were celebrating similar days then.  Of course, also on this day
the sun is right over the equator and all over the world the day is the same, 12 hours each of day and night.  It's
a natural phenomenon of equality, perfect for bringing us all together thru story.

The event quickly grew to over 20 countries celebrating, and more are added all the time.  A theme is selected each
year, and many events directly reflect that theme.  Others just happen, knowing that any good, heartfelt story brings us
all together with each other and the natural world, even if the connection is not obvious.  In 2003, there may or may not
have been a stated theme.  In 2004 it was BIRDS; 2005 BRIDGES; 2006 MOON; 2007 WANDERERS.  This
year stories will coalesce around the theme of DREAMS.

So please make plans now to celebrate WORLD STORYTELLING DAY with an event. It can be as simple and
profound as a parent or grandparent telling to a child at home, or as complex as a major conference devoted to the art
and importance of storytelling.  The important thing is to hold up the idea that really hearing each other's stories transcends
religious, idealogical, and geographical boundaries.  WE ARE ALL HERE TOGETHER.  LET'S HEAR EACH OTHER
If you want to get into contact with many other storytellers involved with World Storytelling Day, please send an email to:

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The common language on this mailing list is English, but we are looking for solutions to respond to the variety of living languages on this planet. For the time being, the translation services of Google and Altavista can help you to get a rough translation of the posts in a choice of frequently spoken languages, so that you will be able to get at least the gist of it:

If you like the idea of a world wide day for storytelling, please spread the word among all your storytelling fellows, and subscribe to the mailing list. Or you could even put up a homepage in your language….
We are very much looking forward to hear and read from you!

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